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Welcome to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte - Northeast Brazil
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Northern littoral of Natal
Beach of Muriú - in the seaside

Economy & Tourism > Main projects
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Maxaranguape - Resort in the beach of Cabo de São Roque (Project on standby)  
The Norwegian Group 'Brazil Development', is going to build a big Resort in the region of Maxaranguape, in the beach of Cabo de São Roque. The resort claims to be one of bigger three of the Northeast and will occupy an area of 1,2 thousand hectares, including 8 hotels, golf courses, heliport, businesses, etc.... The first stage should be ended in 2010. Launch, at the end of January, with the presence of the player Beckham.

Contact : Grupo Brazil Development
Surface : 1,2 mil hectares      
Resort in the beach of Cabo de São Roque   (Project on standby)

São Gonçalo Amarante - Airport complex  
The new airport internationnal of Natal will be an airport complex built in the region of Natal (in São Gonçalo do Amarante). It is planned to be the biggest airport of goods and passengers in Latin America, with an inauguration planned for the end of 2010.

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Airport complex

Beaches of center - Marina of Natal (Blocked project)  
Project of Natal's Marina situated on the left bank of the river Potengi, next to the Fortress of the Rois-mages. The project plans the construction of city park, botanical garden, zone of shipyard, control tower, customs post and commercial area with restaurants and shops of crafts. All this structure will be opened to the public.

Contact : Grupo BCM Ingenieros S.L

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Marina of Natal  (Blocked project)

Muriú - Complex Palm Springs Muriú  
O mais novo condomínio residencial do Nordeste do Brasil.
Uma oportunidade de investimento de condomínio mais lucrativa no Nordeste do Brasil. Situada na praia de Muriú-RN, uma das áreas mais influentes da grande Natal, Palm Springs providencia uma oportunidade excepcional para a compra de um imóvel em uma das regiões mais lindas do Brasil.
Palm Springs possui 41.7 hectares de área priveligiada, e vai incorporar um condominio com um total de 346 terrenos individuais.

Contact : Ritz Property Investimentos Imobiliários Ltda,
Surface : 41.7 hectares / 346 terrenos       Prix : terrenos a partir de R$ 64.000

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Complex Palm Springs Muriú

Caraúbas - Project of mega resort in the beach of Caraúbas   
Ramón Alzola, president of the group Incorporadora Paraísos do Brasil, announced a new project of resort in the beach of Caraúbas (municipality of Maxaranguape) 20 times as big as 'Jacumã Beach Resort', with about 10,000 units of houses. Having defined the project, the development of the resort should nedd 10 years to be built.

Contact : Incorporadora Paraísos do Brasil
Surface : 300 hectares       
Project of mega resort in the beach of Caraúbas

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