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Welcome to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte - Northeast Brazil
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The mission of BrasilRN: to
share with you our passion
for this region of Brazil

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Who are us?

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Land to sell
Northern littoral of Natal
Beach of Muriú - in the seaside

Who are us?
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Our mission
BrasilRN located in Natal, is first of all a lover's site of the natural beauties of the Brazilian north-east.

Our first mission:

To propose you our services de excursion and stays without intermediaries and thus with reduced cost.

To offer you a great flexibility in the choice of the trip dates and in the adaptation of our stays/circuits
>> Thematic stays & at your choice

To help you to organize your holidays with various kind of staying :
>> Tourism beaches >> Eco discovered circuits >> Sport/Aventure

To propose you excursions to go through the state. >> More...

The others services of the site
To make you know the RN through information, maps, photos and videos. >> More...

To Inform you about all the available services.
>> Lodging >> Restaurant & Go Out >> Leisure & Services
Respect of the environment
In this state where the nature is so much warm, our concern is the conservation of this environment and of the fragile ecosystems. By the disclosure of the information about ecology, we hope to participate to the chain of the environmental education, to the help to the awareness of the local communities and the visitors.

Our team
World traveller, in love for the 'north east' of Brazil and its tropical nature, he created BrasilRN with main objective, the disclosure of its natural beauties.

"After 10 years of trips in Brazil, in 2006 i leaved Paris and my work in organization to stay in Natal and create a tourist company BrasilRN for sun-trip, ecological circuits and travels in group, tematical and profissional incentive."
I will be your contact and the organizer of your holidays:
>> Tourism on beaches >> Eco discovered circuits >> Thematic stays & at your choice

Regional guide and photographer, i will make you known, with our team of guides, this beautiful country.
>> Excursions.

Daniela --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Criator and manager of our website, she is the feminine soul of the group and the real precious support of BrasilRN in organization and follow-up of the services, particularly the excursions, the stays and circuits.

"from the north-east of Brazil, and in love for travel, i lived in Paris and Brasilia before staying under the sun of Natal."

Junior --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
With his team of buggueiros, it will organize your excursion emotion in buggy on the northern littoral of Natal (dunes of Genipabu) and on the southern littoral till Pipa.. >> Excursion buggy

Our team also proposes you circuits buggy along the littoral of the nordeste between Pipa - Natal - Fortaleza - Jericoacoara (consult us).

Our team of guides -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The guides of BrasilRN are all polyglots and professionals graduate of tourism. They will share with you their touristal, historical and cultural knowledges.


Ours vehicles are all recent, Fiats Doblos roomy (till 6 passaengers) and minibus of 15 passenegers.

** Professionals of tourism and a quality of transport services for holidays and stays in full safety. **
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Our services ++
BrasilRn and its We attach a great value to the well-being of the visitors, being them alone, in couple or in group; being the trip personal or professional.
Services stay BrasilRN
BrasilRn vous suggère plusieurs formules séjours et cicruits éco-découverte pour que chacun puisse profiter de ses vacances et découvrir à sa façon la beauté et diversité des sites touristiques de cet état Brésilien.

>> Des séjours plage avec excursions à la journée
>> Parcourez l'état à la découverte de sa nature
>> kitesurfaris guidés sur les hotspots de l´état
>> Profitez des vacances pour apprendre une langue
>> Voyagez et investissez dans un bien immobilier
Personalized reception
We suggest to recieve you from the arrival at the Natal airport, to give you all the information and the advice about your staying. We have for this our guides speaking French, English, Spanish, etc.... >> Contact us
Excursion services BrasilRN
We offer you professional services of quality for all the excursions and for your personalized demands, excursions at your choice, service of guide, photographs, translation, etc...

The excursions and services are realized by our team BrasilRN or by associated partners.

>> Excursions & Visits >> Personalized visits and packages >> Spot help

BrasilRN in the media
The Community of the French contractors with l' foreigner.

It provides to the carriers of project information supporting the interactivity, the division of experiments and the information exchanges via the forums and many other resources. First community of French contractors in the world!
Private guided visits and tourist guides
Find my services of guide on the site search engine to find the guide which will drive you on your next trip in Brazil. The first site of search for guides tourist, cultural and sporting drivers and guides on planet!


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