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Welcome to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte - Northeast Brazil
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Land to sell
Northern littoral of Natal
Beach of Muriú - in the seaside

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The Rio Grande do Norte with its numerous beaches, natural sites and villages is a place privileged for the practice of all the sports aquatic, vertical, of adventure. Generally placed in the important cities and tourist centers, they offer a range of activities, entertainment and service of help and advice useful or indispensable during your stay in the region.


Shopping centers
shopping of crafts
Rent a car

Rental agencies of vehicle.
Services of chaufeur.

Some schools of surfing on spotlights.
Rent on the main tourist beaches.
Workshops & Factory

Manufacturing and sale of local products.
Regional products of art and crafts.

Horseback rides on beaches or in the inside of lands. Activity often connected to the rural tourism
Hike & Ecotourism

Historic and cultural strolls
and practice of ecotourism in the
enormous potential of the state.
Rubrica Ecotourism
Visit in Minibus,Buggy,4*4

For the discovery of the state attractions,
natural sites and typical villages,
in group or in family, on theses vehicles
adapted for roads, dirt roards, beaches and dunes...
Visit by boat & Diving

Visit and bathing with mask and snorkel in the natural pools
of the coast and in the lagoons between sea and river.
Sports fishing

Fishing in lagoons or in open sea.
Kayak & Boat

Numerous rent of kayak in the sheltered beaches, rivers, lakes and lagoons
Health & Care

Hopitals and Centers of care and help.
Climbing & Mountain bike

Sports of emotion, they are practised in 'Serras' in the countryside
Aquatic park & Aquarium

Some aquatic parks on the coast.
Aquarium at the beach of Redinha.
Karting & Leisure indoor

Sports activities to be discovered or to rediscover.
Gaming room and Billiards

Playground in certain shopping or independent establishments.
Movies & Theatre

Discover the regional theatrical culture or enjoy seeing a movie session
Museum & Cultural Space

Museums, galleries, exhibition spaces or presentation of cultural works.
Tenis & Squash

Practiced in the Natal clubs, or in the hotels and pousadas on the east coast
Rural tourism

Farm-house holiday in 'Fazendas'.
Discovered on foot or on by horse.
Tasting of the productions
Rubrica Ecotourism

Gardens, natural reserves and parks for youngs and the biggest
Tourism information

Help and information during your stay.
KiteSurf & WindSurf

The windsurfing is little practised and taught.
Kite Surf is a sport rapidly expanding.
Rent and schools: KiteSurf
Stroll in Dromedary

Dromedary in the dunes of Genipabu.

This aquatic sport was recently introduced.
It is taught and practised in Pipa.
Walk in the airs

Stroll by plane & helicopter, hang-gliding, paragliding
Travel agency

Offer a tourist service of sale of touristical package, plane tickets and cruise, etc....
Police station

In case of emergency we localized the police stations.

Monuments, places and buildings with a particularly interesting fonction, architecture or history.
Associations, Ong

Associations, Ong
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