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Welcome to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte - Northeast Brazil
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Land to sell
Northern littoral of Natal
Beach of Muriú - in the seaside

Times & Climate
 Time tables   | The sunny region

Time tables
Local time
The local time in the state is :
+ 5 hours of the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
+ 4 hours during the European winter.

To find out about the current time and the time difference to your country :
>> Access the Updated times zones...

There is one hour less on the time difference during the summer related to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo time.
Weather - climatempo
Updated map of the times zones.

The region where is summer time all year round
The climatic advantages of the state
The state possesses all the climatic assets to call the attention of countless tourists

>> exceptional period of sunshine: more than 300 days a year
>> rains concentrated during 4 months only
>> a clement winter: from 21 to 30 degrees between April and October
>> an exceptional summer: from 23 to 33 degrees between Nov-March
>> winds always present easing the heat
>> a sea with a water pleasant temperature all year long owing to constant running water

This stable climatic situation, in a region not affected by the furies of nature, facilitates tourism.

The state of Rio Grande do Norte has two types of climate on its territory :
Coastal regions
By its localization in the corner of South America, the coastal region is rocked by trade winds, has a privileged humid tropical climate.

The temperature changes a little over the year and it is never cold. The heat is eased by a pleasant breeze.

The rainy season lasts only some months, the rain always leaves a beautiful sunny place.

>> average annual temperature: 28° C.
>> average relative annual humidity : 76%
The countryside regions
The countryside regions possess a drier climate, with the exception mountainous region such as Martin which presant heavy rains.
Climate and drought
The countryside regions and the North present only few rains during the dry season.

To improve the living conditions of the population and set up agricultural projects, these regions required policies to reduce droughts and to promote irrigation:

>> numerous artificial lakes (Açude) were created at the beginning of the XXth century, but they did not solve all the problems.
>> actualy the leding policy is to create aductors (channels) and water tanks.


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