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Welcome to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte - Northeast Brazil
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Land to sell
Northern littoral of Natal
Beach of Muriú - in the seaside

Schedules flights & Bus
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Arrived at the airport of Natal
International airport of São Gonçalo do Amarante
New airport of Natal, opened from maio 31th of 2014.
It will be an importante hub for international flights in the future.

With a modern structure, it possesses a very beautiful architecture and includes services of exchange, mail, shops, rental of cars, restaurants and bar.
Its address: Av. Ruy Pereira dos Santos, 3100, São Gonçalo do Amarante.

. Information: (84) 3343-6060
. Distance to the district of Ponta Negra: 40 kms

. Consultation of the flights schedules: São Gonçalo airport - Natal
Exit of the airport
Two possibilities to join Natal:

. Airport taxi service: The price of the race is fixed, but reasonable and established according to the destination.

. Common taxis: price meter.

Arrived at the terminal of bus of Natal
Natal Bus Station
Situated in the district of 'Cidade da Esperança 'in the easthern part of the city, it is served by the biggest bus companies of the North-East.
. Address: Av. Capitão Mor Golveia, on 1237 - Cidade da Esperança. Information: (84) 3205-4377 and (Site in portuguese): Terminal Rodoviário

. Companies : (Site in portuguese) : Nordeste et Guanabara
Exit of the Bus Terminal
Several local bus lines, serving the most touristic neighborhoods, pass in front of the bus terminal.

Natal Public Transportation

The most economic transportation option in the city.
In Natal it serves all the districts.
. Ponta Negra, the most touristic district is served by lines: 46, 54, 56, 07, 26, 73 and 83.
Service of Van

An alternative service of small vans 'Besta' is available for the same price of the bus, sometimes using the same stops and destinations. It is a good solution in case of haste, but the journey is more precarious than the Bus.

The city possesses a very good network of taxi with numerous points, near shopping centers, big hotels, restaurants and tourist zones. You can order a taxi by telephone it is safe and fast. Generally, the meter is activated without you need to ask.

Rent of car
Traditional car.

Numerous agencies, mainly placed in Natal and in the main touristic centers, rent vehicles of any capacity. Minimum prices in the low season, $R60 to $R70 without air-conditioning and add $R10 furthermore with air-conditioning. In summer period the prices increase appreciably.
4x4 ou Buggy.

The rent of buggy is more expensive than a traditional car. (Coast R$ 150). The buggy, the local vehicle for the sand, makes you feel really on holiday. However take care, all the beaches are not authorized for vehicles, such as for dunes, nothing is worther than the service of a professional driver, called buggueiro, person who has a especial permission to drive on the dunes.

Few agencies propose the car rental 4x4, typify to landrover.
>> Ask us their references...


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