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Welcome to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte - Northeast Brazil
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Land to sell
Northern littoral of Natal
Beach of Muriú - in the seaside

Touristical places > Region Seridó

Seridó, region with countryside traditions, possesses many historical and cultural treasures. Still presenting a low tourist activity, it opens itself little by little to the visitors, with the practice of ecotourism and mountainnering.

The lovers of nature and the ecotourism will be enchanted with the quantity, the variety and the big beauty of the natural sites; mountains of Cerro Corá, lake of Acari, caves and rupestral engravings of Carnaúba dos Dantas. Visit the villages of the inside and taste their traditional dishes.  

Cerro Corá City

Currais Novos city

Brejui Minas

Acari city

Acari-Gargalheiras lake

Carnaúbas dos Dantas

Boqueirão montain

Caicó City
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