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Welcome to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte - Northeast Brazil
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Northern littoral of Natal
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Excursions & Visits > Visit Natal and its historic past

The city based on december 25th, 1599, has a large number of monuments which point out its 4 centuries of history largely commented by the guide which will also approach all the cultural, economic and tourist aspects.


During the first hour you will know the area in the south of Natal with a stop in front of the launching base of missiles, then at the market of tropical fruits of Pium and the visit of the largest fruit tree in the world, the cajueiro of Pirangi.

Coming back in Natal, the guide will give the informations about the beach of Pinta Negra and the coast road, the will stop on the Fortress of Natal, one of the most important of Brazil, which was built in 1598, before even the city foundation in 1599.

The visit will pass by the center of the tourism, an ancient prison and by the district of 'Ribeira', where is the port, the theater 'Alberto Maranhão' and some beautiful examples of ancient commercial houses.

The walk will continue by the district of 'Cidade Alta' which possesses the buildings of the administration, culture and very beautiful churches dating from the 17th, till 20th century.

Prices: R$ 60,00 for each
Included Bilingual guide. Departure Morning: 8h00 or afternoon: 14h00
Option Entry fortress: R$ 3,00
Entry cajueiro: R$ 4,00
Return Morning: 12h00 or afternoon: 18h00

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